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Hello Ruth, welcome to the PokeCommunity aka PC!

Nice intro btw, because I believe we have loads of places on PC you might like. I was once like you at some point, lurking before finally creating an account and I have since made many friends here. We have a Pokemon Showdown server btw, so definitely check it out if you want to battle fellow PC members. I'm +OshyHikari there if you're looking for me there. The + beside my name there is because I'm in "voice" status, which basically means I'm very contributive.

Seeing as you love cartoons and anime you might want to check out the General Entertainment section here, and we also have Video Games for all video gaming-related discussion. Black and White are among my fave Pokemon games too, so we do have something in common! If you want to discuss the games you should head over to the Fifth Generation Gaming section, and we also have Fourth Generation Gaming since you also love HeartGold and SoulSilver. I did like 4th Gen but I love 5th Gen even better!

Anyways, have fun here and message me or a moderator if you need help. I'm looking forward to getting to know you, Ruth!

- Hikari10
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