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Black 2 (4/9/13)

The first thing I did today was check the bulletin board to see what the swarm was available. The swarm was at the Dreamyard, and thinking I hadn't caught the swarm pokemon there, I headed over. I ran around for a while, not realizing that I was in double grass and that swarm pokemon do not appear there. When I noticed this, I headed over to the normal grass and saw that the swarm pokemon was Hyno- which I already have.

Feeling like an idiot, I decided to focus on training pokemon to make up for the lost time. All of the pokemon I chose today only needed to go up a few levels in order to evolve so it didn't take very long to have a bunch of new pokemon: I evolved my Psyduck, Wailmer and Chinchou. I also evolved my Jigglypuff with a Moon Stone.

After doing so much training, I decided that I should go out and catch a pokemon instead. There are no more pokemon I can catch for the Unova Dex (from now on, I have to evolve/breed everything) so I decided to catch a Cottonee so I could trade it for a Petili which I don't have.

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