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I am easily offended.

Racism- race does not matter. We are all the same, no matter our skin color.

Homophobia- gay people have as many rights as other humans- your sexual preference does not make you any different.

Chauvinism- You do not, I repeat, do NOT put down or use women because they are "weak" or "fragile."

Mental Illness- it bothers me when people are ignorant of others with illnesses and insult them because of it.

Personal Rant- the thing that offends me more than anything is when people say "I am OCD about this" or something along those lines. I have real, diagnosed OCD and it isn't about cleaning or making sure everything is perfect. It is so much more than that. It is a real, relentless anxiety disorder that takes over your life and can ruin it in the process. I just hate when people are ignorant about it and pass it off as nothing because it is a serious, complicated condition.

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