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I'll see what I can do with fixing that. Thanks for reminding me that that is still an issue.

EDIT: Thought I could fix that, but it seems to be more complicated than I thought at first. I'll still be looking into how to get it working, but I'll also focus on more important things first.

To sum up why it doesn't show the text properly: Gold, Silver, and Crystal were programmed assuming that there were at most 5 evolutions for a Pokemon. Eevee now has 7 evolutions. I tried re-arranging his evolutions in the list so that Espeon and Umbreon are last (since they don't require displaying able/not able) but still no luck getting it to display.

Since they still work if you just use the stone anyway, it isn't a game breaking bug of course. But it is really only a minor inconvenience so I will give priority to finishing things like events and storyline things, and come back to that later.

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