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Originally Posted by koopafan29 View Post
Name: Matt Voltback

Nickname: Matt


Age: 16

Species: Electrike

Team: Arcane Alliance

Title: Member : Explorer Matt Voltback

Appearance: He looks like a normal electrike with a scar above his eye, a few spots without fur and some light bits of probably damaged fur. His fur is also a bit bushy around the neck and his paws have short and sharp claws.

Personality: He is very shy and clever and doesn't trust anyone apart from someone he knows well. He hates to lose but will never give up until he fails. He is a very persistent strong battler who wants to evolve. He is kind to team mates and will always follow orders but since he is a bit young he can be a bit of a cheeky person too. He can be very ignorant in some cases but not most of the time

History: Matt lived in a small little den with his mother and father not knowing anything about the outside world. One day a terrible pokemon attacked it but since it only knew tackle and bite he was harmless and got fairly injured. It ran away from home to train and know mves since it didn't know about the outside world he became an adventurer. He had some troubles with pokemon but he finally can just beat them up with his moves. When he learnt the moves thunder and rain dance he learnt how to use moves wisely and became a skilled battler. When he was around 13 he was helping loads of pokemon around the island, loads of them got trapped in the 'mystery dungeons' so after a while he thought of looking for a team to explore dungeons with. He kept on looking for about 2 years (which still included loads of helping others) when he finally found out about some teams. He went off to Arcane Alliance since he liked what they liked, special attacks. His move set was only special attacks anyway so it was his kind of team. So he travelled all the way from near Lost Learners base all the way to Arcane Alliance's base

Level: 25

Moveset: Thunder-Rain Dance-Fire Blast-Toxic
Here are some tips for your SU:

1. Electrike Does Not learn Fire blast.

2. "He hates to lose but will never give up until he fails." Never give up means that he will never admit defeat.

3. Tell which pokemon attacked his home and what happened to his parents.

4. Correct the grammar. Type on MS Word and work out all your grammatical errors.
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