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Being an online competitive battler and also playing through the fourth generation I have to say, it depends! In-game wise, I would advise that you don't fret over your Pokemon's nature too much seeing as it only makes a small impact. However competitively natures do make a great difference surprisingly. Let's take a look at a Pokemon with a Relaxed nature. Relaxed raises Defense and lowers Speed, yes? Lugia has fantastic defenses and the added boost makes it incredibly bulky, which is always great. However the speed factor, we need to look at. Speed, speed, speed. This stat can make all the difference on who moves first. Lugia is naturally bulky and can take a few good hits, so unless you're really upset about being outspeeded and taking a bit of damage I'd say that Relaxed is a good nature, seeing as the speed drop shouldn't matter too much, in my opinion. n__n;