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Windows 8. I think in Microsofts effort to make every simple, they made it overly simple and completely no functional. I've used it, and I just don't understand why they'd push an operating system such as it to be cross platform. It is a horrid experience for a desktop computer and most laptops, even for touch devices it becomes very, very difficult to use because they make it simplistic.

I really dislike that OS. A lot of programs become difficult to use and navigation is made annoying and difficult in it's attempt to be easy. When I am using my laptop I tend to just Windows+R everything.

I'll be sticking with Windows 7 till they make something exactly like it, just upgraded for speed. But at the moment I'm extremely happy with it. Perfect in lot's of ways.

Also, not a fan of Apple OS's. I use them at University and will forever dislike them.
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