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    Hey Ruth! I'm Student and welcome to the community! :D

    Nice username. Out of curiosity, how did you come up with that name? Anyways, glad that you finally joined here. I, too, was lurking around the forums before I joined here, though I only got to be active this year. I'm also 14 years old, so I'm also glad to see someone with the same age.

    Yep, the community here is really nice and there are many people you can make friends with. Oh that's cool that you like video games, cartoons, and anime. Hikari has already linked to you the sections to go, so better check it out. There are lots of topics going around.

    Oh, nice favorites. I pretty much like Gardevoir and Crobat. Bisharp and Koffing are alright Pokémon, too. My favorite 4th Gen game would be Platinum though, but I also like the Johto remakes. And for 5th Gen, I like all of them. :3 You can also see me in Pokémon Showdown, by the way. I'm StudentD there. (Hope to see you there sometime.)

    Well, hope to see you around. Feel free to drop a visitor message on my profile if you need any help or simply just chat. ;)

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