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    Nathan - A sight to see

    Nathan awoke in the morning rather abruptly. His sleeping patterns were already wrecked, so the time was about, 11am. 'Jeez I overslept. He woke up all his pokémon and while they put things away, Nath made breakfast with the berries which had grown. La Peché á la mandé soup, as Nath liked to call it. They all ate before setting off as a group.

    They reached the other side of the lake and the first thing they could see was some glowing light in the distance, and what seemed to be a fountain. Everyone was curious as to what it was so they all walked over to it. It was quite easy just walking, as there wasn't any wild pokémon in this area, plus there hadn't been a storm just yet. Nath must have underestimated the wilderness...
    Once they reached the spot, Nath realised just how worth it that 10 minute walk had been. A giant fountain spewed up into the sky, and around it, were volbeat and illumise, hovering round it. They were more of them than the eye could see, and the light reflecting from them, reflected of the water into a magical glow. It was perfect. Nath brought out his camera before taking a picture... Bad idea.
    The flash hit the water and into the Pokémon's eyes, making every single pokémon there turn towards him and the four pokémon. They looked pretty mad. 'Volbeat and Illumise never got tis angry?' At once all the pokémon started to fly towards the group, making loud noises with bug buzz. Nitro was the first to react, using a super effective Flamethrower on several, knocking down two at a time. It was true these guys were weak but there were thousands of them! Nathan started to slowly back away, while all of his pokémon attacked. Buzz using pin missile, Glade using psychic, and Celebi using leafstorm. It was no good, there were far too many to take care of. Nath grabbed on to Glade's hand, indicating what to do, followed by a shout "Grab on!" All the pokémon very quickly grabbed on to Glade, as she focused up her energy. Nitro and Celebi were both enduring hits from the angry mob. Glade teleported the group to the other side of the fountain and nearly collapsed in doing so. It was rare that Glade was requested to use her teleport for 4 different people/pokémon. At least they were safe for now, and Nath had a picture!

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