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Black 2 Unova Adventure Part IV 2/2

Last Time: "Black 2 Unova Adventure Part IV 1/2" (Post #27 on this thread on Pg.2)

Tim and Ben scoured the sewers of Castelia and after finding some hidden treasure throughout, they found the Plasma members. But not before Tim's Sewaddle evolved into Swadloon and one level later Leavanny and Pidove evolving into Tranquill. Entering a duel battle the Grunts were defeated. Before again running they told them of their failed King, one who coward'd his way out of Plasma. Ben suggested Tim go deeper into the sewers but Burgh appeared and said it was not necessary, instead he asked them to return back to the city and challenge him at his Gym.

Tim obeyed but not before a scientist stepped out from the cave within the Sewers. Tim immediately didn't like him. A vibe such as this had never come over him. The man identified himself as Colress and asked to see Tim's Pokémon. He declined but the scientist snatched his Pokémon anyway and looked (Jerk). Interested he asked to meet him on Route 4, north of Castelia and battle him.

Tim exited the sewers and Ben took off. Iris was happy that they got the members of Plasma and suggested that Tim battle Burgh. (Already was told, dumbo).

Tim found the gym and after clearing the certified Gym trainers he challenged Burgh. Using a combination of Tranquill, Leavanny and Pignite. Burgh was easily defeated and he promptly administered the official league badge to Tim. Tim left the Gym and traveled north.

Before heading directly to Colress, who was waiting on the road, Tim took a detour and after three failed attempts caught a Sandile with the appropriate nature. Putting him in the back of the team and attaching an EXP Share to him he battled Colress and won handily. Colress left waxing his views on Pokémon. Tim rested on the road until the next chapter in his adventure was recorded.