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    Masato Ryu - Chapter 2 - Onward, to Vatican City!

    Masato meditated quietly, not knowing how long he had been there. Could have been days, weeks, or months as far as he knew. However, he felt something inside of him say "Its time.". Slowly, he opened his eyes, surveying the area of Limbo he was meditating in. It was exactly the same as how it was when he first arrived. He got up to his feet rather quickly, his body and muscles feeling fully energized and ready to go. Getting the feel of being active again, he threw a couple of punches and kicks, quickly grabbing his tonfas and spinning them around, judging his reaction times. He put his weapons away and walked out from where he sat and reported in to get the briefing of his next mission.

    Vatican City. Someone was preparing a speech that could end all war on Earth. Not only could that end progression of the human race, but leave them vulnerable for conquest. He and his partner, Tasahiro, must stop the speech and make sure the Harbingers are unaware of this. First things first, though, he had to find Tasahiro. Masato started his search and finally found him after a while, meditating as well. Maybe they'd be able to get along, or at least co-exist for this task. He slowly approached the meditating figure, waiting for him to release himself from his trance.

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