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Adrian Frode

Adrian awoke, during what he thought was the beginning of the next day, despite his planet having a day/night cycle like most others he often found that things in the realm of Limbo often felt static and even after sleeping through a night one could feel as though it was still the same day. Adrian chalked it up to being an unfortunate side effect of being an immortal. Getting up and going through his morning routine, which consisted of little since he no longer ate nor had a body that functioned like it once did, at least while within Limbo. It was during this process when he heard the familiar tapping at his window.

Sure enough a pitch-black bird sat at the window with a rolled piece of paper strapped to its leg with a crimson ribbon.
Either I have a new assignment or I'm about to be reprimanded for the mess we made of the warehouse. Thankfully, the piece of paper turned out to be Adrian's next assignment, although he had been hoping for some more time off to rest his still tired body.

We have discovered that a species of fire demon has appeared in the Great Sandy Desert, Australia, Earth. You and your partner for this mission, Spencer Holden whom we believe you are familiar with, are to find the demon and end its life before it becomes a threat to any population in the country, unbalancing the world due to the unfair advantage given to it by its supernatural abilities...

The letter went on for a while longer with small details on the approximate area and on the demon. Unfortunately though the brief had little information compared to a lot of other demon-hunting missions which suggested to Adrian that it was a species of demon that even the Grims were not particularly familiar with, or possibly even a new form of demon. Either way, Adrian was eager to go to the desert he hadn't been on a desert mission for nearly two of Earth's years and was looking forward to experiencing the extreme, but beautiful environment.

Adrian's focused his energies into a portal that formed around him and in the blink of an eye he was appearing at the location he had been commanded to travel to - his sword at his hip and his trademark jacket and jeans on despite the heat. Reapers were not immune to the heat, but dealt with it better than mortals... besides the long and thick clothes would protect him from any flames. Adrian took in the landscape, in awe of it. The planet in Limbo had deserts of sorts, barren sandy stretches with no water but like most of the places there it was static, colourless and dull. The Great Sandy Desert on the other hand was a colourful landscape of red, windswept sand and beautiful rock formations - nothing in Limbo could compare. It almost made Adrian miss his life on Earth, but he reminded himself he probably never would have seen it as a true human.

Looking around Adrian saw the demon walking around in the distance, disgruntled as they usually were, but e decided to adhere to his orders and wait for Spencer to arrive. The demon was an unknown enemy to Adrian and it was never a good idea to fight unfamiliar foes with no back up.


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