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Favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck: I have quite a few:
  • Anubis (Sphinx)
  • Bastion
  • Elemental Heroes
  • Gravekeepers
Favourite card: I have quite a lot...some include:
  • Exxod Master of the Guard
  • Malefic Red Eyes B. Dragon
  • Blue Eyes Shining Dragon
  • Andro, Theinen and Telia Sphinx
  • Hamon, Uria and Raviel Lords
  • Spellbinding Circle
  • Enchanted Javelin
  • Torrential Tribute
  • Relinquished
  • and many many more!
I don't have a youtube channel.

I'm more of a really traditional duelist. So I'm one to more discuss the roots of Yu Gu Oh, than the current metagame.
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