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Gonna answer my own question here.

If I could, I would like to watch the television series Veronica Mars all over again. Watching Veronica uncover all the mysteries of Neptune, CA and finding out who really killed her best friend, Lily, was a thrill all on its own. More than that, while I can still re-watch old episodes today and enjoy them just as much, it's more exciting when you don't know the outcome of what's going to happen or what Veronica is going to discover. That's the thing about mystery shows, they're addictive and fun, but re-watching them over isn't as thrilling as it is the first time since you know what will happen. So if I could, I would love to watch this gem like I had never seen it before. Three seasons was far from enough!

Luckily, life can be good sometimes and a Veronica Mars movie is coming. So at least in 2014 for about two hours I'll get to relive the thrill of watching Veronica Mars once again!
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