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Originally Posted by Ausaudriel View Post
I actually think gay men are in general more promiscuous than average. Comparing my relationships with those of my friends (all of my friends are straight) it seems way easier for me to find guys willing to just have sex. I think it's because men in general are more sexual creatures (or more ruled/controlled by their sexual natures) and so when you take two male sex drives and put them together, well... yeah.

Can't say much for lesbians though. No idea. All I know, and don't take offense, is my one lesbian friend has a joke about how lesbian women always bring a U-Haul to the second date. :x Lol. Implying that they get attached really quickly and move in together and what not.

San Francisco is my favorite city in the states. 8) Not because of the gay community (which I'm actually rather distasteful of), but because it's so open and accepting of everything in general. The vibes there are just so great.

I live in Los Angeles and people here are all about what they can gain from knowing you. It's mostly because of the industry, all of the people moving out here to "make it big" who've heard that it's all about "who you know," so when they meet you they think, "I wonder if he can get me an acting job..." or "I wonder if he knows any producers..." etc. etc.

San Francisco people were just genuinely nice. It was a refreshing change. I really wanna move there this summer, get the heck out of LA.
So the full joke goes: What do lesbians bring on a second date? A U-Haul. Then you follow up with: What do gay men bring on a second date? What second date?

One of my roommates in college dated a girl for a short while and they ended up living together after not very long and then breaking up before the end of the year. They both came from areas of southern California (Kern county and Los Angeles county) where they were from a small town and a strict Asian family respectively so they'd both been in the closet through high school so when they started dating it was all fireworks and lightning and they thought they'd found their soul mates.

Originally Posted by FenrirDarkWolf View Post
I think I might be gayer than I thought I was...
The exact situation you guys were in, but reversed.

Or maybe I'm just 15, horny, and really wanting my boyfriend with me.
Well, that happens to a lot of us. Long distance relationships aren't easy.