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okay so much **** happened this chapter that I can't stop myself



First up is Scotch on the cover page. Looks like he's really wrecking havoc. Where's our lovely Caribou, I wonder? :p

Jesus Burges is here, biatches! Like franky said, the competition's level just bumped up a few notches with his entry. He's gonna be a tough nut to crack considering he's one of the core crew members of a yonkou's crew. But in Luf-oops, Lucy we trust! :D Also, this doesn't belong to this chapter's analysis/thoughts but I really liked Rebecca. Not just because she was almost naked but more because she seemed like a character with some...something, idk. She's got some purpose and her reactions when Kyros was mentioned were interesting. Anyway, so franky decides to look for the factory but the one-legged toy soldier tries to accompany him. The toy soldier just became interesting from today's chapter. Idk, he seemed just a so-so character when he was introduced but I'm just..curious about what he and franky are gonna talk about in the next few chapters.

Blind man is fujitora, like I predicted. :D He looks really cool in that introductory panel. And man, his "We should count the number of people we need to save rather than the no. of enemies" line was badass. <3; I'm really liking him so far. Also, "blind justice". Admirals all have their own form of justice, right? Like Akainu = Absolute Justice, Kizaru = Troll Justice (lol) and Aokiji's Lazy Justice.

Zoro caught the fairy! The fairy's face probably holds some sort of a "Duval" twist - hence Zoro's surprised face.

Sanji winning over Violet. They look cute together, honestly. I'd feel bad if she uses Sanji and betrays him ultimately. But that's pretty much a given since Sanji won't be getting a romantic interest like her. One Piece isn't about romance, after all. :( Still, enjoying his "Love hurricane" moment. <3;

The Vice-Admiral looked tough. Esp. since he fodderized one of the contestants so easily. But then he gets taken out by Barto-Romeo or Bartolomeo - the crazy super rookie. What kind of a guy is this person? Pumped to see him in action next chapter.

ALSO LAW AND ROBIN OMG. THEY LOOK SO FREAKIN AWESOME. Robin looks sexy as **** in that dress, tbh. And Law looks badass as always. :D CP0 gets introduced but I'm not really all that interested in them right now. Mostly looking forward to the tournament and Franky's movements. :3 ALSO MOMONOSUKE THAT BASTARD I HATE HIMMM!!! Taking advantage of Nami's innocence like that. :<

All in all, a very strong chapter with TONS of content. Really looking forward to what happens next. <3;