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Originally Posted by Arandomgamemaker View Post
Everything looks great except for the battle system and save screen.
(The battle system doesn't look like pokemon at all.)

Other then that, you're making good progress! Keep it up!
The battle system is set up so that the user could change the battle perspecive with ease. (The only issue is moving the HUD, but that is easy.) I made backgrounds so that the perspective could be about anything. Also trainers did stick around in Colosseum and XD.
The save screen actually looks like what shows up on the bottom screen in the 5th gen games, but with more info. If you want I could make a HUD for it. My Background HUDs script allows that.
I focus is that the core engine itself works. Appearance tend to be a secondary concern. Also, because of their functionality I use a lot of Yanfly scripts for menu features. Meaning that it takes the layout of what Ace uses by default but with slight modifications. (The Status menu got overhauled a lot, though)
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