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Antonia Costa - New York Atlantean Relief Centre - America

Antonia smiled at the kid; he was cute, but a little too young for her liking, and not exactly her type, but she did appreciate the amount of flirting he was doing with her. It was always nice to have people back up how attractive she was. She watched in awe as Austin confirmed not only his ability, but also his identity to her. Now, they had to get out of this place.

"Watch and see, kid," Antonia smiled at him as the guards shifted their pose, slowly moving in to restrain the both of them. She hadn't realised until now that the two of them had been purposefully left alone as everyone else around them had been filtered out.

The guards shifted again, slowly inching forward towards the two of them, hoping to catch both Austin and herself off guard. Pushing herself up off the chair she was in, she launched herself at the closest guard, cartwheeling before kicking the man in the chest, only to land on the ground and sweep the guards legs from under him while he was off balance. She stood up, dusting off her clothes before landing a crippling punch that would render than man unconscious.

In her brief victory, she forgot about the guard behind her, only realising his presence as his arms wrapped around her chest, restraining her from moving and slowly pushing all air out of her lungs.

"Austin, help!" she cried, "they're trying to kidnap--" the guard muffled Antonia's mouth so she could no longer speak, making it even more harder for her to breathe.

"Don' you dare move, kid," the Guard threatened Austin, "this girl is a threat to us all." He gripped tighter, pushing even more oxygen out of Antonia's lungs as she struggled fervently.
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