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    Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
    OMG! I love you username! <3 Owl City FTW Welcome to the forums Josie!!

    I'm a big Owl City fan too if you couldn't tell. I have every Owl City album and every song on my iTunes library. I have an Owl City shirt but I want a lot more. In all honest I just love just about love any music Adam Young ( the only guy in Owl City if you didn't know) makes in general. He just really knows how to makes beautiful but catchy songs. I would definitely say I'm a HootOwl , in fact I would say I'm one of PC's biggest Owl City fans. Have you heard anything else from Adam? If not you really should. Definitely recommend his other projects Sky Sailing and Port Blue. All around I think he's an inspiring person to me and a wonderful song writer. So honestly I'm just a big Adam Young fan in general, but i love Owl City the most. I think we'll get along just fine then. XD

    I loved Soulsilver, or should I say HeartGold cause that's the one I went with. I picked Gold version as kid and so I instantly went with HeartGold when I heard they were remaking the originals. Playing the game just brought back all of those memories of playing the originals and I loved the walking Pokemon feature as well. Much better than the originals and probably in my top 3 of favorite Pokemon games. My first game was Red version though which I played when I was only 7. So many good times. Now as I turn 21 in May, I still love Pokemon and look forward to the awesome things in X and Y.

    Hope you enjoy it here and remember that if you have any question be sure to ask a moderator who are the users in bold blue and they will help you with anything. Also if you want to chat (maybe about Owl City??) feel free to send a Visitor's Message (or VM) to me. Hope to see you around!
    I just wanted to say that I agree with you about Owl City all the way! Hootowls and Owl City forever (sorry if I sound like some crazy fangirl...I just can't help myself)! Owl City (and Sky Sailing, etc.) are awesome!!!!! :D
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