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    Well, as of back there was really creepy, although I kinda got used to it and never really been scared of it. However, and here is a lollish story, once (guess I've been 11 or 12) I played Pokemon Red with Polish translation, so I could understand stuff. And then, once I've beaten Marowak-ghost in Lavender, that message popped up, about Marowak departing to afterlife, in Polish, so I could understand it at once...

    And I've been like...damn, I almost crapped my pants and started crying. Honestly. Dunno why, it was altogether one of most scary thing I've ever heard at the time. Pokemons, afterlife...I'm leaving! I just saved the game, turned it off and played it again like a week or two later.

    Yeah, now that I can into Englishness everytime I see dat line about Marowak's departing to afterlife I'm like "Hey, it's creepy. A bit.". And then I again imagine me like seven or eight years ago, being scared to death and burst into crazy laugh, sheding a single tear of reminiscence. It were fun times indeed! Ghahah!

    But I've really been horrified back then. Absolutely astonished and shocked to ultimate death because of scary things. Just thought I'd share dat little story with ya folks.

    And except of that bag getting insta-full.