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Thatcher just seems a very hot topic to be avoiding right now, haha. And no way in hell do I want political views brought into football any more than they (arguably) already are. To acknowledge the minute's silence would be to mourn her death for those against her and I just can't see that happening. Way too risky and honestly, pointless a move in football.

Originally Posted by Nuke
Minute silences are becoming a bit of a ridiculous honour anyway, we're finding increasing amount of things to dedicate a minute of silence for and few relate to football anymore.
Indeed. I mean, if it's related to football (such as Hillsborough or in memory of a player/manager/whoever) then by all means do it when and where is relevant but leave it at that. Football's got history which we should definitely be embracing but there's no need at all to be dragging in external stuff. We do just fine without it.
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