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Hi FlameCharge and welcome! :DD Good to meet you~! I love that move.

If you want to trade with our members, maybe the Trade Corner will be a good place for you to check out? It has some of the coolest regulars and they even have a chatroom you can join. :3 That'd be one of my suggestions, though maybe you'd be interested in something totally different. Browsed around yet? Hopefully you have and have liked it here so far, we're a pretty cool place with a loooot of members. So many that it might be kind of intimidating but don't worry about anything, promise. Just read the rules to get an understanding of how things work and have fun~

Btw, Black 2 is awesome. I loooved it but I'm playing my Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity more nowadays since that game is just so good. Will probably play Black 2 again sometime once I've beaten most of PMD, though! If I get WiFi maybe we can trade/battle sometime. n~n See you around!


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