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Okay I have another song I'm gonna post and it was when I was going through hard times, I got songs over all kinds of topics just so you guys know. So here's the lyrics, it's got 3 verses instead of 2 and the 2nd verse is 50% longer, than the other 2. 16, 24, 16.

Back in the days, when I was just a little kid
Where no hatred or my worries ever existed
Back when life was good had no responibilites
No possiblities that I'd ever be out of safety
Had motivation, parents were good role-models
They didn't down the bottles and they didn't do the drugs
They taught me right from wrong can truely say they're my idols
Like guardian angels everlasting symbols
Of love and hope that someday I'd grow up to be strong
And I'd thrive to survive any hard times in my life
That I would never give up, no matter how hard the obstacle
Lifes cruel to you at the same time it's beautiful
You make your own destiny, gotta show your bravery
Good things will come out of it, and that's a guarantee
Two wrongs don't make a right, but don't turn away from fright
If you do the right things, everything will be alright

I kept asking myself. Why does life gotta be so hard?
Seems since birth, I've been dealt with a losing card
Its got me to my knees with pain i cant ignore
Making a break to the door, wanna pour shots to ease my pain
Hoping that all this torture will never remain the same
Playing tricks on my brain, can longer sustain the pain
It's givin me a migrain trying to puzzle together
Words And emotions impossible to explain
Started pickin my poison to escape reality
Made me feel safe, mind set free of anxiety
Feelin no stress the only thing that calmed my nerve
Not really giving a fuck, if I was kicked to the curb
Had nothing to live for, didn't exist in this world
No money, no job, no friends I was constantly bored
Only had my pen and pad, wrote down what was on my mind
Pissed off at mankind and it made me wanna reside
In society told myself I'd never be successful
Was so hostile towards others and I felt so shameful
So hateful, so regretful, I didn't think I was normal
This hatred inside of me, had me anti-social
I failed the mission cuz I didn't wanna listen
Always felt I was the victim and I didn't feel like livin
Need the fountain of youth, so I can feel good again
To be awaken for my weaknesses that I can re-strenghthen

Everyday I feel this pain, just want it to go away
Wakin up the next day rerun of yesterdays replay
lifes nothin but a decay starin at the gateway
With nothin else to lose hopin in my life will be okay
I doubt it will it's the same fucking routine
Over and over, I need to chill out with some codeine
Then cleanse my soul, of all this pain with an elbow
Of marijuana smoke, so I don't turn into a psycho
I've had enough of this shit can't handle it one bit
Another minute of it, then a crime I may commit
I feel so unfit, why am I even here in the first place?
According to me, I put my family to a disgrace
I'm starin at a bottle of this 40 oz of liquor
Wanna wash my pain away, got my finger on the trigger
Russian Roullete, drugs all up in the chamber
I'm in danger unless I come up with a life changer
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