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    The console's still new. I'd say it's going to take another year, minimum Christmas 2013, for the price to drop (and Christmas would probably just be temporary).

    It's been 349,00$CAD for a while now (Deluxe Version). I'm hoping it'll drop around 300$ for Christmas. I'm not buying it, though, til it hits 250$, new or used. By that time, new and better games will be out, and the "kinks" should be gone (since every new innovative console system has "kinks" of sorts).

    I got the blue Wii system for Christmas 2011. It probably cost around 150$ at that time - way less than its launch price in 2006. It took five years for it to drop about 150$ in price (with tax). That's why I'm expecting at least a temp drop from 350$ to 300$, 310$ this Christmas (a year since launch) since based on the old Wii, it dropped ~35$/y in price.

    That's just speculation, though. It might not even hit 250$ until the end of the console in, what, 2017? Long way to go...

    Also, new console or not, it's still semi-competing with the '360 and PS3, and it'll be competing with the '720 and PS4 eventually. With '360s and PS3s costing 200$/ea, once they sell the console to a good amount of families, I'd expect them to drop it for the people who are left over, already have a '360 or PS3 (i.e. me) and would just use the Wii U as a rec. console - nothing serious.

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