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    Kip, Trevalyn, Nicolas
    Route 110

    "What?!" Aecor cried, surprise clearly in his face. Usually the one who anticipates all sort of scenarios before they even happen, this one caught him completely off guard. "Do you even realize what you're saying? A wrong move here, and we'll be thrust into a completely different war here, Adamantius!"

    Adam remained unmoved. He maintained his cold, steely expression and replied, "Do I look like one who backs out of a war, Aecor?" One could cut the tension with a knife. Tray, himself shocked at Adam's sudden turnabout took a moment to collect his thoughts then rushed up to him.

    "What have you done, Adam? What did I tell you?!" Tray furiously whispered into Adam's ear. Adam simply decided to ignore his second in command entirely.

    "I refuse to ever accept help from you fools. Anybody, whether it be you or the humans, shall be struck down if you get in my way." Silence for a few moments. Kip crept up to Aecor himself, trying to read his expression and predict his next action. The horror was now gone, and his usual calm, composed self was now back.

    "What do we do now, Aecor? This is bad..." Kip said nervously. He realized the gravity of the situation, and the scale simply scared him. He knew there was only one person who could stand up in such politically charged situations and that very Pokemon was now taking a step towards Adam.

    "Adam, let me remind you that--"


    A flash from some bushes off in the north of the meeting point. A fast moving object rapidly approaches Aecor, hits him right in the head and passes clean through, leaving nothing but a puff of blood and a hole in the head of the leader. Aecor collapsed onto the ground, not moving anymore.

    For a moment, not a single soul moves. Everybody entirely shocked with what happened so fast. Kip rushed forward to the aid of his beloved leader, and crouched next to him, tears already forming in his eyes despite being unsure of what just happened.

    "Aecor! Aecor! Are you okay?!" Still no movement. Kip nudged the limp body, and could feel no heartbeat or breath. Aecor's lifeless eyes were still wide open in a mixture of surprise and anger. He was gone. Just like that, the loved leader of the Ruber tribe was now gone.

    "All hail humans!" Yelled a being now emerging from the source of the killer object. All eyes turned towards the being, and the shape finally registered. A human.

    "****! Clarke! What the hell have you done?!" Nicolas yelled, taken aback by the man suddenly shooting one of the Pokemon in the field.

    "A human?! What the hell!?" Tray yelled. He immediately prepared a fireball and launched it at the assassin, which instantly hit him on the chest. The man dropped down on the ground, flailing his limbs in an attempt to douse the flames licking away at his skin.

    "It was a trap all along!" Kip yelled at his tribe members. "Prepare for battle! Kill every single opponent in sight!"

    Adam simply grinned to himself. "War. DESTROY ALL RUBER TRIBE SCUM AND THE HUMANS!"

    Nicolas simply looked on helplessly at Clarke's burning body. After screwing up the mission so badly, he simply couldn't get himself to helping him out, even though it weighed heavily on his mind. He instead yelled at his two squad members, "Hold this position! No matter what happens, do not let the Pokemon through!"

    "S***... Come in, Slateport! We got a situation here! Get some backup to Route 110, huge Pokemon attack!"
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