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    Charlotte (Charlie) Hunter - London Atlantean Relief Centre, England

    Charlie pouted slightly as the doctors continued to busy themselves around her. Checking her arms, neck and of course her side, while over hearing on more than one occasion, the marvelling whispers of wonderment at her lack of injury as their gaze swept over her pale, clear skin. The crimson stain of blood, which had once marred her pale belly, wiped off long before this final inspection. Rolling the remnants of the barely sugar over her tongue, Charlie let out a heavy sigh and turned her head away from the newest doctor now probing her side, choosing instead to focuse on Justin. During commotion she had never bothered to think about whom she was helping, only that he needed help. So when she had overheard her company stating his identity, Charlie felt her heart sink in embarrassment.

    "Justin Oliver Evans, 28, Atlantean Royal Family,"

    Out of all the people she could have been placed with, she had been put with a member of the Royal family. If anyone else would have been in the same position they would perhaps have felt pride or even honour. Yet all Charlie could muster was sheer mortification as she replayed the scenes back in her head. Almost cringing at her rudeness and borderline sarcasm.

    Yet as she thought about this, a small flicker delight sputtered into being within her chest, spreading warmth across her body like a spring breeze. She had helped save a life today, even if it was only one life. She had helped and that was worth everything, even the embarrassment.

    Here, Charlie’s lips tweaked into the faintest of smiles as she let her mind explore this thought, forgetting about the cold fingers which traced her skin, mapping it for injuries. It was only when she became aware of the fact that Justin had turned to her, that Charlie then tugged herself back into awareness. Letting her cool green gaze settle on her company once more, while another just as keen group of medics gathered around the young man, peering at his wound in equal amazement at Justin's skills which Charlie couldn't help but share.

    She hadn't thought Justin would be able to take the wound so easily, let a lone improve the condition of it. But as the gentle gasps of hushed surprise breezed through the medics at the sight of Justin's wound returning to flesh once more; the wood sheen which had once covered crimson gape, seemly melting away, Charlie returned her focus to her present company's kind features. She couldn't bare the sight of the medic whom had now began to stitch back the folds of skin like cloth, the very thought of the needle piercing the flesh making her skin crawl.

    “Plan?” Charlie repeated confusedly, trying in vain to ignore the shudders which shivered up her spine at the stitching. Here she could not help but arch an eye brow quizzically as she sucked in her bottom lip and began to chew thoughtfully. It was a few moments before she then shrug helplessly and flicked her eyes out over the crowd.
    “I hadn’t planned anything.” She finally offered, “I guess I just expected to go back up North and resume normality.”
    Yet as Charlie said this, the reality of her words slipped in. She sounded so naïve.

    How could she go back? By now the others on her course would look at her as some kind of freak, the word on what she was not staying quiet for long, especially not after this and so with that she would lose her friends and probably leave her course. Which meant that all that was left was her family and even then not all was well. She had heard her parent's harsh whispered conversations in the evening as she moped in her room. Her father wanted to move, scared by the reaction which had met his daughter in the coffee shop two weeks before.

    “Were we meant to plan?” She finally asked, her voice small and reluctant as the doctors drew away long enough for her to tug her top down and wrap her arms around herself. After this however, Charlie then shook her head as if to clear away some invisible cobwebs. Dwindling on her lack of future right now was not helping the knots of anxiety which twisted round her heart painfully and so as a self defence mechanism, she did what any girl would do and changed the subject abruptly.
    “So you’re a member of the Royal Family? Forgive me, it’s just I didn’t expect I would be meeting anybody of such a high status, sat behind a desk doing paper work.”

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