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    Alright... I'm sending this from my Samsung Galaxy Spica. (GT-I5700) Or, you know the slowest Android phone on Passmark.

    It went just as you'd expect, I fired up Opera Mobile because the default browser is horrible and Opera is about the only browser that runs at a decent speed, navigated here at a somewhat sluggish pace. Logging in was easy because I use Swype, and "Archenoth" is in my dictionary.

    I opened a new tab and Googled "Android benchmark" so I could copy the link for this thread, and pasted the result here, then things went weird. The keyboard failed because memory requirements, so I switched to the default keyboard, which is all kinds of obtuse. So I waited for memory, then switched back to Swype, which killed the browser. GAH.

    I start it again, logged in fine, browsed here fine, typed this message quickly, pasted the Android benchmark link above and typed the BBCode because it's pretty easy to type on Swype... But ouch, much worse than an average experience on here.

    Edit: Editing was smooth on here though after I noticed some bad grammar...