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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
1) It's False SwipE (you are missing one E)
2) Please use English/Japanese names of Pokemon. Some French or whatever language Dimoret is won't help. (And using google to find that it's Weavile isn't nice to us, who want to help)

And for your question. There's a tool called YAPE that will let you check the Pokemon in ROM with movepools.
thanks for your answer, I'll try the tool, sorry for using the french name, maybe I was a little tired

Originally Posted by SeanAxel View Post
For those still having Rare Candies issues, these are the ones I found (all hidden, so chances are you didn't come across it)
2 in Polar Forrest
1 in the Trick House(Okay, that wasn't hidden)
1 in Route H after exiting the cave, down the alley to the right, should be close to the gate blocking the Cycling Road
1 behind the LightHouse in Teas City.

Oh 1 more in the Searound Underground, also hidden.

Use the itemfinder of course.
Personally, I use a pokemon with "pickup" ability it's a bit random but it gave me a lot of them (maybe i'm a bit lucky thought =)
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