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    I'm just gonna go ahead and agree with a lot of the people, earlier in the thread:
    As long as the name fits the game, I see no reason to stay away from names, simply because they are already in use.

    On the other hand, though, if I was gonna name a game, which was about a blue metal, I would (my opinion), of course try to be a little more clever than to name it Blue Chrome, since I know of Luka SJ's game. I'd rather name it Cobalt Steel instead, simply to rid the world of unneccesary confusion.

    So, I think the only thing you should consider, when naming your game is common sense. Don't use the name of another project, which is already fairly well-known under that name, unless the name is really hard to "copyright" like "Pokémon Orange" or "Pokemon Grey", and it really fits your game, as it may lead to confusion.

    If you want others to find, like and play your game, an original name, that won't be mixed up or confused with others, which also fits your game is the most important factors to consider.
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