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Gahh, for the last time, it is not so simple as China's buddies with North Korea! I've provided a youtube video in my last post that illustrates how complex the problem actually is. And it's also not as simple as the US being forced to destroy North Korea. No country is forced to do anything - it does everything out of its own self interest. So South Korea wasn't forced to do anything to the North when it got one of its ships blown up and artillery that killed several soldiers and civilians. Anybody who believes otherwise is listening to an excuse. And Kim Jong Un is not trolling.

I think we the people need to be more prudent when it comes to considering international issues, because they are complex and morally ambivalent. Oversimplifying will only promote narrow-minded thinking that does not consider the big picture. The best example of this is how a lot of American believed that the war in Iraq was related to Saddam Hussein working with al-Qaeda. It's this lack of critical thinking that allows the US Government to conflate Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda and have the mass media/public believe it!
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