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    Manga 705 leaks
    Some interesting things are developing in this chapter.
    We've got the Marines scoping out the tournament and planning for a strike.
    The old blind man is confirmed as Admiral Fujitora!
    Something fishy is happening with Green Bit.
    CP-0 has been revealed, which is supposed to be stronger than all other CP groups.
    Seems like Zoro will get to see his "fairy".
    Kinemon has gotten into some trouble.
    An unexpected intruder in on the Thousand Sunny.
    And this new rookie, Bartolomeo took down a Vice-Admiral.

    I'll go more in-depth once the official translations are out on

    Originally Posted by Derozio
    okay so much **** happened this chapter that I can't stop myself


    Blind man is fujitora, like I predicted. :D He looks really cool in that introductory panel. And man, his "We should count the number of people we need to save rather than the no. of enemies" line was badass. <3; I'm really liking him so far. Also, "blind justice". Admirals all have their own form of justice, right? Like Akainu = Absolute Justice, Kizaru = Troll Justice (lol) and Aokiji's Lazy Justice.

    ALSO LAW AND ROBIN OMG. THEY LOOK SO FREAKIN AWESOME. Robin looks sexy as **** in that dress, tbh. And Law looks badass as always. :D CP0 gets introduced but I'm not really all that interested in them right now. Mostly looking forward to the tournament and Franky's movements. :3 ALSO MOMONOSUKE THAT BASTARD I HATE HIMMM!!! Taking advantage of Nami's innocence like that. :<

    All in all, a very strong chapter with TONS of content. Really looking forward to what happens next. <3;
    He probably will be blind justice. XD
    Now I want to see the third admiral!

    Robin looks sexy is anything she wears.
    I guess she just has really good sense of fashion. :p
    And yes, Momo is a conniving little bastard. xD

    I second that notion!