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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post

SAO was nothing special, imo. It had some decent fights every once in a while and character designs were kinda good but overall the show definitely doesn't stand out from the crowd. The popularity it received was a little surprising.

I always love the fact that this thread always goes back to talking about SAO even though it's been beaten to death and has been over since January. Just goes to show how popular it is and attracts all sorts of people. Then again I guess I lament the Kevin effect where SAO became mainstream like Mad-Okaz so I can't be hipster about it anymore.

On the other hand main reason I still am a crazed SAO partisan is that it struck a nerve with me by compiling all the stuff and genre's I wanted.

SAO Arc: Life and Death, the Boundaries of Real Life and Virtual Life
ALO Arc: Greed, Love and Dedication. Plus Familial relationships.
GGO Arc: Power and isolation.
Mother's Rosario Arc: Applications of technology in the Medical Field.
Alicization Arc: Artificial Intelligence, The Military and the meaning of the Human Soul itself.

Lawl. Yeah half of the story was internal monologues anyways so w/e.

The whole MMO aspect was just the draw. Heck I liked .Hack and Rockman.EXE to the point that my username is a compilation of the two. So yeah.

Anyways I love you all fandom, indifferent opinion generators, and hatedoms. <3