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I haven't seen anything of SAO apart from the first anime so idk about any other arcs than SAO and ALO. :p But anyway, speaking of my stance on it, I'm not really a hater. I'm just kinda indifferent towards it. Lappy called it garbage but I still checked it out, nonetheless. I think it is just a decent anime. Those who call it garbage should look at anime like K-on. Now that is...really bad. I curse myself for wasting my time on it expecting some sort of exciting stuff. :(

I'm a big fan of things based on virtual reality too but this series just didn't do it for me. I mean, it ain't like I hated any part of it (except the scene where asuna almost gets tentacle raped) but there's nothing I loved either. I couldn't connect emotionally with any of the characters. It just didn't manage to pull me into its world or the lives of its characters.

And it has just been, what, three months? Anime series like GTO and Berserk were completed over 15 years ago (iirc) and people still talk about them. Yeah, even on PC and not just on those other anime sites. :p But comparing SAO to them ain't exactly fair. Those anime were...really different. And both are amazing, imo.