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Austin Tseng - New York Atlantean Relief Center - America

Antonia smiled at Austin

"Watch and see, kid," she said. For a short moment, Austin felt like time was slowing down. One second, everything was dandy and fine, you know just chatting it up with some British Italian chick. But the next second, Antonia was flying out of her chair, cartwheeling past the guard, and kicking him in the chest. Then she was on the ground, swiping the guard off his feet.

Holy sh*t. Was the only thing Austin could think. Antonia picked herself up and dusted her clothes off, only to knock the light out of the guard as he tried to recuperate. Austin watched as another guard came up behind her and grabbed her, with an iron grip it seemed.

"Austin, help!" Antonia cried, "they're trying to kidnap--" the guard muffled her mouth so she could no longer speak.

"Don' you dare move, kid," the Guard threatened Austin, "this girl is a threat to us all." He gripped tighter, pushing even more oxygen out of Antonia's lungs as she struggled fervently.

Austin's mind buzzed, trying to make sense of this. Why did Antonia suddenly fly off the handle? And why did it sound like the guard knew who she was? As Antonia's struggle started to lessen, Austin decided to act. He didn't care who this girl is, he's not about to let any hot-British-Chick-that-Speaks-Italian-and-kicks-ass get kidnapped by some bozo in a uniform. Austin jumped up and circle the guard quickly, finding his ideal target.

Kidney punch! He couldn't help but think, remembering how he and his friends did this to each other at the lunch table many years ago. He struck the guard one, two, three times in the kidney. The guard released Antonia, who gasped for air and more or less collapsed to her hands and knees. The guard yelled in pain as a fourth punch found its goal, but before a fifth could be launched, the guard turned into an elbow to Austin's chest.

"Oof!" said Austin as the wind was knocked out of him. Remembering back to his days of karate, he instinctively raised his arms into a defensive position, absorbing another would-be blow to his chest. In retalliation, Austin struck the guard's nose with the hard part of his wrist, causing blood to start to pouring out.

"You little bit-" the guard never got to finish his sentence. Austin sidestepped to the guards left and struck his jaw where it meets the skull, dislocating and possible breaking it. With a crunch, the guard fell to the floor. Austin stood over the guard with his hands balled into fists for several seconds, only to look up when he heard a woman scream. This was a mess. Austin walked over to Antonia, who had probably caught her breath by now.

"Are you okay?" he asked. After a second, he added, "And what was all of that about?!"

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