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    BlueEon, I had the same problem when I was a newbie @ pokemon games. I also understand that some people just play like that.

    I think to balance things out, we will make accurate predictions to the progress levels of players, and then keep the wild pokemon at a level in accordance to that.

    To get an idea of what im trying to say is, for example in pokemon ruby/emerald you'd have a level 14 Mudkip and you'd encounter level 5 poochyenas, which is a darn pain in the ass to keep training to have it around the same level as the main so what we can do is raise levels of wild pokemon so it makes things easier.

    I hope this idea is accepted because in my opinion it's not too bad

    I also have another idea- increase the chances of running into shiny pokemon slightly, some people have never encountered a shiny in a life time so I think it can be a very exciting experience for some people. That's all I have to say for now

    thanks - Rayz

    [Possible Story Line Improvements If Approved]
    Well to start off with, I want to focus on the introduction into the game.
    I believe there are a lot of things in Pokemon which makes players choose which is their
    I've gathered some data on our base rom, Fire Red, and also took a look at what people enjoyed in the Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby series.
    List of things frequently mentioned stuff people liked, along with the list I will add on what things can be implemented in accordance.
    -May(I assume the majority like to have female rivals- hint of romance added to this maybe?;])
    -Slateport. (I'm guessing this is just because of the beauty and structure of the map. Delta, make sure if not all, a lot of maps look good :])
    -Team Magma/Aqua uniforms. (Make sure Team Destroyer get unique sprites and such)
    -Battle/Game Music. (Since this is my job, I will make sure the music from Fire Red is replaced with something better. IMO Fire Red has terrible sfx)
    -Double Battles (Self explanatory)

    ^That's basic things that I think can be improved easily, the other things are slightly more complex, which we can attend to later.

    Also, people seem to have this massive ass fangirl over Rayquaza, so make sure Legendary Event turns out looking cool Delta. Delta you will pretty much be working the hardest. >.> unless the other scripter takes over different parts of your job.

    NOW, to get to the starter pokemon thing which is still undecided.

    Since forever, the starting pokemon between games has either been 3 or 1.
    I decided, wouldn't it be nice to have 2 to choose from?

    A general feel for this is that you find 2 of the pokemon fighting, idk since the pokemon are yet to be decided but lets just take Eevee and Riolu for this example- they are fighting for a few seconds and by the end they are exhausted, and one of them will die and one will live. The one that lives is in your hands because you pick the one that lives to personally keep as you starter pokemon. ( just an idea ) maybe you lot will approve? let's hope so



    TRAPINCH (Evolutions- 2nd. Vibrava, 3rd[final]. FLYGON)

    LAVITAR (Evolutions- 2nd. Pupitar, 3rd[final]. TYRANITAR)

    To be fairly honest I think this will blend well. They both look bad-ass in final evolution and they both have 3 evolution stages.

    Well, tell me what you think guys.