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Gave this a go the other day, it's really neat. Although I wish there was a way to tell the randomizer to only put water types (and any pokemon officially found in water that isn't a water type) in the water/fishing/diving. I like it random but not THAT random. I was fishing Absol out of the water in Pokemon Leaf Green. O.o

I tried Heart Gold first but I came across issues where parts of the map would become black and were like a wall. (It first occured in Violet city after exiting Bellsprout tower) However I tried it with Pokemon Leaf Green and it appears to work perfectly.

Heart Gold was funny though, one of the first pokemon I encountered after leaving New Bark Town was Arceus.

Originally Posted by Garbagecollector View Post
I Have a Huge Problem
in Soulsilver i cant do any trainerbattle and can cant visit any house after violet city and the city just ends because everywhere its just blackground where i cant go on
This seems exactly like what happened to HeartGold for me.
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