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    Chapter 5 : Murray's Empire

    "Put your god damn backs into it, I don't have all day!" shouted a rough-looking Pinsir.

    He stood in a large clearing right in the center of the forest. The clearing wasn't natural - he had ordered for all the trees to be cut down to make room for the base that he had designated for himself. Now he was ordering his servants to cut down more trees so that he could expand his base. This had become a regular thing. It wouldn't be long before he expanded so much that the entire forest lacked trees and was just one big clearing he used as a base.

    "How long does it take to cut down one damn tree?!" the Pinsir yelled. "I could do it in two seconds!"
    "But Lord Murray!" cried one of his servants. "You have the mightiest, sharpest blades of all! Our skill in cutting is nothing compared to yours!"
    "Hahaha! That's true! I see what you're trying to say!" laughed Murray.
    "That's good…" said the servant.
    "You're trying to say I should be the one doing the work!" Murray said, suddenly turning serious.
    "What?! N-no! Of course not, my lord!"
    "Remind me, who's in charge?"
    "Why, you, my lord!"
    "And what are you?"
    "Your servant…"
    "And if I tell you to do something?"
    "I must do it instantly…"
    "That's right! Glad you know how things work around here! Hahaha!" Murry laughed.

    "Murray, my friend!" cried a pompous voice.
    "Ah, Draco! I see you've returned!" Murray replied happily as he turned to greet the young Weedle.
    "Yes, and I bring good news!"
    "You know those two trespassers?"
    "Of course."
    "Well, I happened to come across them!"
    "And what did you do?"
    "I had them tied up and thrown into a clearing where no one would find them!" Draco chimed joyfully.
    "Wonderful! Good job as always, Draco!"
    "Thank you, Murray! Um, I think I'll go take a wa-"
    "And what about the girl?" asked Murray.
    "The girl, Murray?" Draco replied nervously.
    "Yes, Draco, the girl. The girl that stole a berry from me. Did you deal with her?"
    "Why, of course! Here's the berry she stole!" Draco said, rolling a berry to Murray's feet with his tail.
    "And you executed her, of course?"

    Draco turned pale.
    "Ah, about that…"
    "You executed her, right?!" boomed Murray.
    "Well… You see…"
    "Murray! She's eight years old for Christ sake! Just a little girl! How could I-"
    Draco was unable to finish his sentence as Murray's pincers tightened around his throat.
    "Murray! What are you doing?!" Draco said hoarsely.
    "I don't care how old she is! Eight years old, or eighty years old, anyone who opposes me must die!"
    "I understand that, Murray, but-"
    "You understand, do you?! Well then, Draco, tell me, why didn't you execute her?!"
    "I won't fail you aga-"
    "VICEGRIP!" Murray's pincers began to slowly close around Draco's throat for a few seconds before he stopped and let Draco drop to the ground.
    "You're not worth killing!" he concluded before walking off. Draco lay on the ground as his panting slowed down. He couldn't believe that Murray, his friend, had considered killing him…

    "Hm?" said Murray, looking around.
    "LORD MURRAY!" the guards that had been sent to deal with the trespassers came running into the clearing.
    "And what do you worthless guards want?!" growled Murray. "Draco of all people managed to take of those trespassers before you!"
    "Actually, my lord, he took of them after-" began a Sudowoodo.
    "SHUT UP!" whispered a Ledyba as she punched him over the head. "HE'LL KILL US IF HE FINDS OUT WE FAILED!"
    "My lord! We have urgent news!" said the Sunflora Sparky had attacked.
    "Well?! Out with it!" demanded Murray.
    "My lord… He's back… "Scythe-Arms" Carter has returned…" the Sunflora whispered.
    Murray closed his eyes and stood silently.
    "Um… My lord?" Murray's breathing became shaky.
    "My lord? Are you ok?" Murray opened his eyes so suddenly every guard jumped back five paces.
    "Find him…" whispered Murray.
    "AND KILL HIM!" he screamed. The guards immediately ran off, more to get away from Murray than to start their mission.

    "Carter, are you sure we're going the right way?" asked Sparky.
    "Of course I am! I've lived in this forest all my life, haven't I?!" snapped Carter.
    "I don't know, have you?"
    "Yes, I have. Besides, even the most moronic of people could find Murray's base! It's right in the center of the forest, so you just have to walk towards the center."
    "Umm… Mr Scythe-Arms?" said Absolem.
    "Yeah?" replied Carter.
    "If we have to walk towards the center to get to Murray's base, why have we been walking towards the edge of the forest?"

    Carter rolled his eyes.
    "I know this forest inside-out, I think I'd know if we were walking towards the edge of the forest!" he said.
    "But… Look over there… You can clearly see the entrance to Tiny Woods…"
    "Hm?" Carter walked over to some trees and peered through the gap between them. There, he saw the entrance to Tiny Woods.
    "Huh?!" he cried. "Dammit! You guys must have thrown me off-course!"

    Carter sat down and leaned against a tree.
    "Well, anyway, I think we should come up with some kind of plan." he said.
    "Oh! I agree!" declared Absolem as he lay down.
    "Meh." contributed Sparky as he sat down on the forest floor.
    "Ok. How about this?" said Absolem. "Sparky can distract Murray, and then Carter can-"
    "I'm gonna go chop some trees to practise for the upcoming fight. This is boring." said Carter.
    "YOU'RE THE ONE WHO SUGGESTED IT!" shouted Absolem as Carter walked off.

    "One… Two… Three… Four…" muttered Carter as he cut into the tree in front of him, making sure not cut all the way through and subsequently cut the tree down.
    "Hm?" he said as he stopped cutting the tree. He stood still and listened intensely.
    "That's weird, I could have sworn I heard-" Carter quickly turned around. He had heard another rustling noise.
    "What is that?"

    Then he saw it. There was a leafy branch protruding from a nearby tree that kept shaking - even though there was no wind. Carter watched it carefully for a few seconds. It shook again. Carter cut the branch off the tree as quick as a flash.
    "Heh. Too easy." he grinned.

    Suddenly, a white powder began to fall onto Carter's body.
    "What the-?!" said Carter as he looked at the mysterious power.
    "Wait… This isn't-?!" cried Carter as he realised what the powder was. He tried to dash back to Sparky and Absolem but his legs became weak and he collapsed onto the floor.
    "Dammit…" he muttered before he blacked out.

    "Carter's been a while. I wonder if he's ok." said Sparky.
    "Carter's one of the Blade Brothers. He's feared by the ruler's very own guards. I'm sure he'll be fine if he runs into any trouble." replied Absolem.
    "Yeah, but he's been gone for ten minutes. You don't think…?"
    "You don't think he went to fight without us?!"
    "How dare he! I was really looking forward to fighting!"
    "Sparky, I don't think…"

    "If you're looking for Carter, I know where he is!" chimed a pompous voice. Slithering through the trees, came the Weedle Sparky and Absolem had encountered earlier.
    "You're that weakling guy!" said Sparky.
    "I wouldn't be calling me names! Not when your friend's life is in danger!" said Draco.
    "Huh? Do you mean Carter?" asked Absolem.
    "I do indeed, my fine Caterpie!" replied Draco.
    "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" shouted Sparky as his face filled with rage.
    "Oh! Didn't I make myself clear? Excuse me, well, you see-"
    "WHAT DID YOU DO TO CARTER?!" demanded Sparky.
    "Aw, 'tis a shame… Your friend Carter wasn't careful enough and some Sleep Powder, ahem, "accidentally" fell onto him!"
    "Oh, the guards were kind enough to bring him to good ol' Murray…"
    "What?!" whispered Sparky with is eyes twice their normal size.
    "Yes, well, I'm not sure what Murray can do for him to be honest… I doubt he'll be able to wake him up… He may have to just put him to sleep permanently…"
    "Shut up…" whispered Sparky as he shook with anger.
    "What a pity! But I suppose it is his fault for being so carele-"

    "I SAID SHUT UP!" screamed Sparky as he punched Draco across the face.
    "Ow! Ow! Oh, that hurt! That hurt!" cried Draco as he rolled on the floor in pain.
    "Sparky!" said Absolem.
    "Absolem, we're going - now!" ordered Sparky running to the centre of the forest at a blinding speed.

    "Ah, Carter… What a pleasure it is to have you in my presence again!" Murray said to a sleeping Carter.
    "Rejoice, servants!" he cried as he turned to his guards and servants. "For this is the time I take the head of my empire's number one enemy - "Scythe-Arms" Carter!"

    Murray was met with cheering and applause - though they all cheered out of fear of the consequences should they not.
    "And now! The time has come!" Murray said turning back to the sleeping Carter. "Any last words, Carter?" Murray was met with Carter's deep breathing.
    "I thought not!" he cried as he swung his pincers back. "NOW DIE!"

    "I don't think so, you coward!" shouted a voice.
    "WHO DARES OPPOSE ME?!" screamed Murray.
    "I do!" a large bolt of electricity flew out of the gap between some trees and hit Murray square in the face, knocking him over.
    "MASTER!" cried the guards and servants.

    Sparky walked menacingly through the gap and into the clearing.
    "Today…" he began. "Murray's empire… WILL FALL!"
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