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    Originally Posted by Shoot|The|Puck View Post
    To the above poster, you really have to critique HGSS. Obviously if you critique GSC under the present-day eye, they're going to look terrible, but they were incredible for their time. Things changed in Pokemon, obviously those games will look bad compared to something like DPPt.
    That is a relevant statement if I say Gen IV is overrated, which is not the case at all. HGSS is my favorite remake considering that you can trade any Pokemon from DPPt, which means you can get Gen III and IV Pokemon before getting the National Pokedex, the mechanics are convenient (running shoes toggled, Pokemon following you, etc.) and Kanto is fully explorable in HGSS unlike in GSC which areas like Seafoam Island, Cerulean Cave, got taken away, and Viridian Forest is just part of route 2, which is my biggest gripe with GSC.

    Other than that, people still praise GSC even though HGSS is superior.
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