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Originally Posted by PiplupGHacker View Post
I'm sure this has been answered a billion times before, but..

Y U DO DIS GAEM? Shows up fine in Overworld Editor, but not in the game ._.
Thanks for the tutorial though, Irfanview is plenty useful for sprite editing/cropping/etc.
I gotta say, that's a pretty nice OW u got there Well, It's probably a problem with the Palettes. Palettes ALWAYS have problems. If it isn't, there are a bunch more possibilities. Let me walk you through a few. First, try and see if you've done this:

If you have, It may be a problem with IrfanView. Save that OW as 0_0 or something, and open it with irfanview. (You should also include all the other OWs inside too, so it won't be so troublesome) Press Image>Palette>Edit Palette. Change the FIRST colour with the BACKGROUND colour. Now, save it as something else, and open that new img with Paint, and 0_0 on the other side. At 0_0, press "Select All" and copy the OWs and paste them on your new Paint. Save the new paint, and you can also delete 0_0 now. Open NSE (Wouldn't recommend you to use OWE) and import everything.

The third problem may come from, as I have previously stated, OWE. OWE is really buggy and it's abilities are VERY limited. Try to use NSE instead.
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