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    Thank you for welcoming me! It was really fun leveling up all my Pokemon to level 100, I used a team of high level Lilipup with the Pickup ability to get a few rare candies after EV training them, but once they were EV trained the fun began! I finished Black Tower last week but I still have to do the PWT, but I find it difficult to want to because of the little reward you get from doing it, I might just battle the Gym Leader tournaments for nostalgia. I've started playing White 2 now for a bit of playing diversity and so I can try a new team without losing my old one, so I think I'll see how that goes first! I think I might go check out the Trade Corner now!
    Pokemon Black 2 (friend code): 3397 3383 1636

    Add me for battles, trading and chat!

    My Pokemon Black 2 Team:
    Haxorus lv.100
    Volcarona lv.100
    Cloyster lv.100
    Eelektross lv.100
    Terrakion lv.100
    Gliscor lv.100
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