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Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post

Zayne Alta

The good news was that his two late comers had finally managed to get themselves sorted... the bad news was that the girl in front of him not only appeared to be terrified of him, but wasn't exactly having a lot of success with her analysis of the arrogant (as per usual) snivy that was sitting on her desk glaring at her. Zayne didn't want to become known as the mean teacher on his first day on the job so he decided to give the distraught girl a little tip
"A big part of analysis is educated guessing and assumptions based on fact. It is impossible to know what an opponents pokemon, or even your own in many cases, is actually thinking nor what they have experienced so you need to use what you have in front of you to determine the most likely case. For example, you have a pretty clear indication of this pokemon's personality due to its behaviour towards you and common stereotypes around its species and you can speculate towards its battling style from its body shape in conjunction with its personality". With that being said Zayne gave the younger trainer a brief smile before returning to his usual expression and continuing to go around the room assessing the students.

As I had guessed, a lot of these guys are missing some of the most obvious things... it will be interesting to see how they handle their task for the training fields. He thought to himself. The task he was thinking of was actually one he had come up with on the boat as an ideal way to not only gauge the battle skills of the trainers in his class but put them into a situation where they would have t rely heavily on knowledge not just of their own pokemon but those of every other person in the room, regardless how well they knew people or not. He decided that he would give his class a little while longer before he'd move on to the longer of the tasks.

"Not much longer on this part of today's class, we'll be moving out to the training fields for the second task soon. Whilst the rest of you finish up I wonder if any of you would like to share some of your observations?" Zayne looked around the room, deciding immediately he would spare Valorie from having to share anything. Any of the students who did share any of their observations would be at a disadvantage in the upcoming battle but he figured that one of the things he aimed to teach was using knowledge you are given to your advantage. He looked around and soon saw the two who had been late, perfect
"Killik, Mana? Perhaps you two would like to share some of your observations with us?"
@gimmepie: Could you explain the observation part?

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