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    Hello, this is just an idea so far, but what if you (the trainer) fought some of the battles? Here's the plot:

    After the success of the genetic experiments conducted on Mewtwo, Team Rocket tries once again to create the perfect "Pokemon." It eventually donned on them that a human would be much easier to manipulate than a cloned Pokemon. The genetic splicing process had also been greatly improved since the Mewtwo experiments, and now, after years of research, had the potential to infuse the following powers into humans:

    Water: water/ice capabilities. Extracted from Lapras DNA.
    Control of flame: fire and heat capabilities. Extracted from Magmar DNA.
    Control of weather: control of electricity and other weather related moves. Extracted from Dragonair DNA.
    Control of the mind: control of the brain's full potential and more allowing for telekinetic powers. Extracted from Alakazam DNA.
    Control of the shadows: complete synchronization with darkness and shadows, allowing the person to dissolve into either to keep out of harms way. Extraxted from Gengar DNA.
    Control of the body: complete synchronization of the body and mind, creating massive strength. Extracted from Machamp DNA.

    Unfortunately, the technology was still only a concept and not actually tested yet, so they took 3 low rank grunt volunteers from within the organization. One of them was you. Although you were extremely hesitant to continue with the procedure, your commanding officer reminded you the fame and fortune achievable if the experiment was a success. Upon these words, you proceeded as planned. Fortunately, the experiment was a success, and you now had basic powers over your spliced element (powder snow, ember, thundershock, confusion, astonish or karate chop). You were never assigned a starter Pokemon though, since you basically were one in human form.

    What they didn't tell you was, the test subjects were nothing more than trial runs to be disposed of after the initial testing was over. One night during a basic solo mission, a higher ranking member appears before you, and tells you your tenure with Team Rocket has come to an end. They engage you in battle and you eventually come out victorious, knocking out the member and their Pokemon, but badly injured after your first battle. Confused, you find their radio and find out that you and the two others were experiments to prove the concept of the new genetic splicing method, and were never intended to be long term.

    Enraged, but horribly weakened after fighting a strong opponent, you decide to gather a team of Pokemon, train them and yourself, and destroy Team Rocket.

    The conflicts would be:
    - the 8 executives searching for you ("gym leaders")
    - the two other runaway experiments hoping to gain back Team Rocket's trust by apprehending you ("rivals")
    - the current leader of Team Rocket ("champion")
    - other misc. Rocket members

    So, does anybody think this is a good/bad/mediocre concept? I just always thought it'd be cool if there was a Pokemon game where you didn't always rely on something else and had abilities/powers of your own.