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Originally Posted by ssongta2 View Post
Great! I'm practically done with the game-I've caught Lugia, Legendary Birds, Ho-Oh, Mewtwo, beat Kanto, and is working on getting pokemon I like (I'm currently trying to get money so I can buy Mew from the Casino in Goldenrod City!) Just a tiny thing you might wanna change: When I look at the ABC mode in the pokedex, Leafeon shows up in place of Dunsparce (In the middle of D and E, that is) and Glaceon shows up in place of Tangela. If you could fix that, it might be helpful THX!
That shouldn't be too hard to fix. I'm sure there are other out-of-place Pokemon in ABC mode as well, so I'll go over the list and see who needs moving around. I wouldn't have even thought to check that honestly, I always forget the Pokedex has ABC mode lol.

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