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    Originally Posted by Truut View Post
    I am so happy to see a hack that can legitimately be called a hack and not an "edit". I am excited to see what beta 4 has in store. The book with the missing pages is an intriguing addition and I cannot wait to see how it pans out. What can I say, I am a sucker for side quests that adds to a game's replay value.
    Hmmm... you like this?


    But yeah, beta 4 will be filled with all kinds of sidequests, most of them being accessable just before it's about to end. It will also reveal more of the story and end in a point, where you'd actually want to see how it's going to go on, but there is really nothing I can do about it.

    After that (for beta 5), there won't be any more sidequests to do because I've planned the game to go on like that; there is simply nothing that will make you receive some sidequest that wasn't doable earlier. But what will be good about it is that, beta 5 will cover a lot more story (and interesting storyline-related events!).

    And finally after beta 5, I'll release the final product with another sidequest (or two) in it, but one is really a major one (totally, the longest sidequest introduced in the game)! It also covers interesting background information related to the storyline, which will reveal the "missing pieces" of the story in player's aspect.

    And, that's the plan basically

    Originally Posted by Truut View Post
    Your work has reignited my interest in rom hacking which unfortunately died a few years ago due to the feeling that there was no longer an interest in gb/gbc hacking. I found a few gb/gbc hacks but they were little more than text edits for the sake of comedy rather than a game overhaul (due to the lack of fancy tools probably, sad few people want to put forth the effort to learn a little asm to test the limits of a game's potential).
    True. Most people don't effort teaching themselves how to rom hack. Personally, I kinda had the same problem ~3 years ago, but decided to learn scripting using the scripting engine of Gold/Silver, which eventually lead me deeper into the "business".

    Originally Posted by Truut View Post
    Looking forward to your next programming video also. Keep up the wonderful work!
    Nice to hear you've been watching them!
    And thanks for the reply!
    My Rom Hack

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    Learn how to hack GB/C games:

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