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Name: Alex Rogue

Age: 11


Suicune Dorm

Appearance: Untitled.png

Personality: Alex is a gentle, relaxed, curious boy. He usually doesn't have any problems with his comrades. Most people think of him as a nerd, but Alex is actually a pretty strong guy. He doesn't get offended easily and is really quiet. Most of the time, Alex is either playing with his pokemon, studying or sleeping. Although he works hard in his studies, in other matters, Alex is very lazy. He usually sleeps three times a day and is a very good, although new, trainer. Alex is really bad at catching pokemon though, and only has only managed to get one so far. His favorite type of Pokemon is water-type.

History: Alex was born in Boon Island, near Kanto. As a toddler, he was very curious and liked going outside to play with wild and tamed Pokemon. At that time he really loved water Pokemon. Everyday, in the afternoon, Alex brought food to the beach to feed the pokemon swimming there.

One day, his older brother came to visit home in the middle of his journey, he stayed for one week, and Alex eager to know what Pokemon he had. One day late at night, Alex waited until all his family were asleep and went to have a look at his his brother's Pokemon, he was scared to get caught taking one of his brother's Pokemon so he quickly took one and ran away. He waited until the next day so he could find out what Pokemon his brother had. He hid the Pokeball in his pocket at went outside to check it out.

When he took it out, it was an Aipom. He played with it day and night until one day when his brother was going to leave. He found out Aipom was not in his Pokeball, and he knew that Alex took it. He was not surprised, as he knew his that Alex was a curious boy. Alex gave him his Pokeball, sad to see Aipom go. And right when his brother was going to leave, Alex asked him if he could get Aipom back as his own Pokemon.

His brother smiled at him, and gave him his Pokeball. He told him to take good care of Aipom and explained to him that Aipom was very important to him. Alex promised he would take good care of Aipom and his brother left.

It wasn't until two years after he got Aipom that he heard about the Pokemon Trainer Academy, and asked his parents if he could go. He explained it was his destiny to become like his brother and after many weeks of thought, his parents finally accepted.


Species: Aipom
Personality: Playful and friendly, he adapts quickly to people.
Lvl: 24
  • Double Hit
  • Swift
  • Focus Punch
  • Bounce