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The hero sprite.

To do list:

Finish OVerworlds of Heroes
Start Gym Leader Overworlds
Start Rival Planning
Start Varion Overworlds
Make Battles
Script Events
Music [Other people dependent]
Scripts [Scripter Dependent]
Design 2 Badges, Orb and Flare
Make extra Dungeons
Plan Team X
Overworld Team X
Overworld Lord M
Sprite Team X
Find/Make Tiles
Title Screen
Add Finishing Touches
Release Beta 1
Sit be relax
Be Cool.
Start Beta 2

Updated Credit List:

Help14 - Pokémon OVerworlds
Rayd12smitty - Helping me with scripts
zingzang - Following Script
Carmaniac - Pause Menu
I-Like-Shiny-Pichu - Pause Menu
SSJSonic4 - Music
JillSandwich - Music
Thorn - Character Concept
Maruno, Poccil - Essentials
Rainsky - Character Base
Luka S.J - Mouse Input
Nintendo, Gamefreak - Pokémon
Pia Carrot - Helping someway or another
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