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Oh, there is indeed another Ventus here, almost got a bit confused at first. :O Anyways, welcome to the forum, Tsunagi, and good to meet you!

But yep yep, you'll find an enormous Pokemon-loving as well as hacking community here, so you're totally in the right place. PC probably wouldn't have gotten to where it did today if it wasn't for the hacking and it's quite a popular section, even today, so it's naturally pretty big with lots of resources you can utilize. Four years is quite a long time to hack! Where you on another hacking forum before that, or did you just lurk PC's Emulation section on the sides? I used to want to make hacks but that never really went anywhere... in the end, I enjoyed playing them more than making one myself, so. Shiny Gold especially was probably one of my favorites at the time so it was so sad to remember that it was never finished. ;~;

And don't worry - you'll get along with our members just fine. We're really friendly and like having new members, since PC just wouldn't be as big as it was without all of you guys deciding to join and participate. Outside of hacking, what do you like about Pokemon? :D The games (almost everyone here does, they're awesome!), anime, manga, cards, merchandise, or something else? Would be awesome to know so we can get to know each other better.

Up to you if you want to answer, though. Remember to read the rules and I really hope you have a wonderful time here! If you need anything, contact one of us in the bold names~

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