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    Jack Davis - So close!

    Jack watched in horror as the Espeon just seemed to become stronger and stronger! Damn! That feline was powerful! He highly doubted he would be able to catch it with a regular pokeball, but if Charlie and Alpha worked as hard as they could then they might just be able to get out of this situation after all! "Guys don't let up! Keep hitting it with everything you got!" He shouted as a meteor then fell, causing Jack to fall down on his back in surprise. It was like the apocalypse was happening around them!

    Charlie was taken by surprise and flew back, his body dragging against the ground as he rolled about and finally stopped, groaning a bit. Alpha cried out in surprise and stepped back warily, sweating a bit more as he had an inkling none of them would be getting out of here alive.

    "Hey... easy there. We'll be leaving after a while." Alpha stated weakly, trying his best to sound apologetic toward the feline.
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