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Fire Red

HM Slaves:

The Journey Begins:


Did all the starting stuff, grabbed a bulbasaur for Entei later. Beat rival, made 80 dollars.

Caught a level 3 Caterpie nick named her Breeze.

BREEZE Lv. 3 (F) Naughty
-String Shot

HP - 15
Attack - 7
Defense - 7
Special Attack - 6
Special Defense - 5
Speed - 8

Currently training in Viridian Forest

Breeze evolved!

BREEZE Lv. 7 (F) Naughty
-String Shot


HP - 24
Attack - 9
Defense - 14
Special Attack - 9
Special Defense - 8
Speed - 11

Breeze evolved!

BREEZE Lv. 10(F) Naughty
-String Shot


HP - 32
Attack - 18
Defense - 17
Special Attack -22
Special Defense - 19
Speed - 21

Beat Rival TGIF rather easily with Breeze then set off for TBIF's first gym badge!

Brock And What Not:


Hastily made it through the forest and ended up at the doors off Pewter Citys Gym. Making quick work of the only trainer in the gym, TBIF earned his change to face Brock, Pewter Citys gym leader! Taking out Geodude first left Brock with only Onix to spare, Breeze used Sleep Powder and then moved in for the knock out, taking Onix out in just a few moves.

Current Team:

BREEZE Lv. 15(F) Naughty
-Poison Powder
-Sleep Powder


HP - 44
Attack - 25
Defense - 24
Special Attack -30
Special Defense - 27
Speed - 30

Karp Diem:


After the defeat of Brock, earning the first badge and a bit of training with Breeze, TBIF set forth towards the opening of Mt Moon, curious as to what he would find but ready nonetheless.

Mom was kind enough to send some running shoes with one of Professors aids, that should help for awhile, just couldn't run in those old cross trainers of mine!

Soon I met a man selling a really cool pokemon for just 500 bucks! Not too sure what a Magikarp is but I got one.

MR NIBBLES Lv. 5(M) Rash


HP - 17
Attack - 6
Defense - 10
Special Attack -7
Special Defense - 7
Speed - 14

Well so much for cool...

However shortly after entering the cave to an onset of Zubats, I found this little guy, named Gollum.

GOLLUM Lv. 9(M) Careful
-Defense Curl
-Mud Sport


HP - 28
Attack - 21
Defense - 23
Special Attack -10
Special Defense -11
Speed - 8