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Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Thank the non-disgusting courteous if not a bit overweight Janitor
The man nods at your thanks and heads to the locker, collecting a few chemicals.
Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Take a few seconds to see the indentations on the other pages of the Notebook
You pull out the notebook again and continue checking. The first one reads "Visit old abandoned mansion". One mystery solved. As you open the book and continue, it seems most of the book is composed of stories about his Marawak.
Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Return the Pen or ask if you can buy it from him than head to the shipping office
"Err, you don't mind if I keep this, do you?"
He shakes his head and you and Snipper leave, heading to the shipping offices.

You arrive some five minutes later, having gotten lost. To the NORTH of you is the offices, to the SOUTH is a vending machine, to the EAST are some restrooms, and to the WEST is the way back to the police car. The window to the offices give the silhouettes of business men passing you by.
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